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The simplest way to improve online visibility.

A Cost Effective Solution for SEO

We provide custom detailed monthly information on how to improve the performance of your website saving you time and money!

We improve performance!

Simple to use

Signup and provide your website URL and we'll start sending you customized improvement reports within 72 hours!

Cost Effective

No need to pay ridiculously expensive agency fees, simply sign up and we’ll provide you with everything you need to have a strong performing website.


Take our reports, implement the tasks and see the results! It’s really that simple.

Stay up to date

With changes happening frequently with search engines, we do the research so you don’t have to. We update our reports regularly.

Health Check

Even if you are happy with the performance of your website, our reports give you the confidence that your site is in tip top shape.

No Contract

You are not tied to us in any way. If at any time you feel that our reports are not helpful then you can cancel.

How Does Search Halo Help...

Broken Pages

Search Halo will identify broken pages found on your website that can impact usability and search engine performance.

Inaccessible Pages

It's very common to see certain pages not being seen by search engines. Identifying and fixing this helps support search engine performance.

Broken Links

Broken links on web pages can stop users getting to where they need to, it also prevents search engines from accessing areas of you website.

Site Speed

Slow sites are not good, users do not want to wait for pages to load and searches engines do not like it either!

Website Structure

The structure of a website is important for both users and search engines. Search Halo tells you how to improve it.

Webpage problems

Search Halo frequently scans your website to identify any issues with each and every page of your website to help improve the performance.

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